The Cans and Bottles Recycle Bin at Timber Valley

The new bin was fashioned by Frank Egbert, a former Lion and owner of a local muffler shop. Lions requested Frank to build the bin to replace the old wooden one that had been damaged by use, the weather and also by thieves.

Your empty cans and bottles are important. Twice a day Lions empty this bin and contents sorted into bags the size of a dress for a 5 ft person. The bags are placed in our large cargo truck until full with around 150 bags then transported to Eugene to the Oregon Bottle Recycling Center (about every 4 months) emptied onto a conveyor belt and the bar codes are read. A few days later Lions receive a check for around $4000.00 Beer bottles are processed in Roseburg.

This is how your Sutherlin Lions finance charitable giving. Any money coming from the community must go back to the community. Some of our expenses includes financing college scholarships, 3 summer camps for blind, diabetic and deaf children, dogs for the blind and hearing impaired. The empties also fund the Halloween and Christmas and Mothers Day celebrations. Lions provide glasses and hearing aids for less fortunate folks plus screening of youngsters, with 10% of the children, being referred to doctors for eye care. I could go on for another page.

Lions are especially appreciative of SKPs David Hall who helps Rick DeYoung and Judy Leonard Sharon Elliott’s assistant. This can be a dirty job especially when we have to empty cigarette butts or snuff spit from them. One time a load even contained false teeth. The Den is neither heated or cooled so extreme temps can be daunting.

Its amazing what a contribution of 10 cents can accomplish in a small town. We appreciate that members of Timber Valley stay well hydrated but there is something else you need to know to help us. Plastic gallon water containers are not welcome as well as cans or bottles that are smashed or bent as they cannot be read by the bar code reader.

Quench your thirst and keep the containers coming to support the benefit they make in the community.

Sharon Elliott #36

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3 Responses to The Cans and Bottles Recycle Bin at Timber Valley

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you all for your dedication.

  2. Rick says:

    Great article and very informative, Sharon. I sure hope those who read it figure out we’re talking about those 1 gallon, square, water jugs and all those cans our ‘Superman’ likes to crush!
    Thanks again for taking the initiative to write and submit this.
    Rick De Young

  3. Jacquelyn Deal says:

    Thanks Sharon, very clear and explanatory. The new yeller bin looks so much better.

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