DEER ME !! Suzie Rupert to the rescue !

The condition of the cement deer family in Snoopy’s Meadow had fallen (two of them had actually fallen over) into a severe state. Over the years they faded, cracked and parts broke off. In addition they were partially obscured by surrounding blackberry and weed overgrowth. It took major reconstructive and cosmetic surgery repair to help them. The fawn had literally lost it’s leg and required building a prosthesis. The brushy overgrowth has been cleared back, cracks filled, missing parts including the leg, rebuilt as best as could be. Now coated in fresh paint they await your return visits to Snoopy’s Meadow. Thank you Suzie Rupert for seeing something that needed attention and independently stepping forward to take on the task.

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15 Responses to DEER ME !! Suzie Rupert to the rescue !

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very nice,thank you Suzie!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This corner of Snoopy’s Meadow looks fantastic. Thanks Suzie for all your work. Rockey

  3. Anonymous says:

    This kind of initiative is greatly appreciated! Thanks Suzie!

  4. Marc says:

    What a job Suzie…fantastic

  5. Marc says:

    Wow…what a great job Suzie!

  6. Anita Ducummon says:

    Thank You so much, Susie!!! They look great. I hope you know how much this is appreciated by all of us in Timber Valley. YOU GO GIRL!!!

  7. Anita Ducummon says:

    Thank You so much Susie. They look great. I hope you know how much this is appreciated. YOU GO GIRL!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, Suzie. You have gone above and beyond.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful Suzie!! Thanks!

  10. Jimmy says:

    I see you out there Susie. Here and there and everywhere quietly tending the land.
    You are a great addition to this lovely community.
    If only more folks would bend down and tend the earth.
    Blessed be

  11. Sue Eytalis says:

    I just noticed the deer yesterday while walking. They look wonderful. Thank you Suzie.

  12. Elaine Nickel says:

    Thanks Susie for your work. they look beautiful!

  13. Gwen says:

    Thank you Susie. They look awesome.

  14. Suzi Rupert says:

    Thank you for the kudos. It was my honor to help make our beautiful Timber Valley everything we want it to be. I have another project in mind, so you will be seeing me in the park here and there. Keeps me out of trouble. lol

  15. Patti Healey says:

    beautiful !!! This is what our park is all about. Volunteers !!! Our volunteers keep us looking great and safe. We have many unsung heroes that do little and big things for us in our park. Suzi is a great example. She inspires me for sure. Thank you, thank you, looking forward for your “next project “.

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