REAL handwashing is the best defense against Covid 19 but I’ll bet over half of you don’t wash properly. Do you turn off the faucets with your newly washed hands? You’ve recontaminated yourself! Might as well not have washed. So now, if you have a few doubts, read the rest of this.
First, don’t just pittty, patty wash the tops and bottoms of your hands. Get in between your fingers and around your thumbs. And scrub. Scrub! It’s the friction that loosens the germs and lets the soap and water wash them off. Germs DO live between your fingers; it’s nice, warm, moist and dark. Ideal. Also it’s been shown on hand washing tests with cultures that the area around the thumbs is most often missed.
Next, anything you touch can reinfect your hands. Turn off the faucets with a paper towel. If you have to manually trigger the paper towels then cover your hands with a paper towel there too. Think how many dirty hands touched that paper towel dispenser. (Dispense a paper towel before you start washing.)
The door knob. Did you just grab it with your newly washed hands? Reinfected!! Door knobs are probably some of the most contaminated objects on earth. Cover your hands: paper towel or your shirt tail.
Now coughing: Do you daintily (gentlemanly) cough into your hands—and then everything you touch is going to be contaminated with fresh germs! Shame on you! Cough into the crook of your elbow. Nobody uses that area to open or touch other things. Most viruses can live for hours, days even, on a hard surface. It’s not known for sure if Corona viruses can.
And yes, if you don’t have soap and water, hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol are good. Carry a small one with you.
Also, they’re saying masks don’t do any good against corona viruses so don’t waste your money. Why panic? At this point they’re (CDC) saying that the death rate from Covid 19 is lower than MERS and SARS rates. Yes, it’s going to spread worldwide but fear and panic won’t help. You’re more likely to die in an automobile accident than from Covid 19. Whatever your fear level, wash your hands properly!

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  1. Barbara Russell says:

    Good information. Thanks Jackie!

  2. Kathy Perry says:

    One of the worst is using the pen to sign for your credit card. UGH!

  3. Rod Zebb says:

    Very well written, Jackie and thank you. And most of it is exactly what people do incorrectly, if they even wash their hands.
    When I was in graduate school we coughed onto a petri plate, let the cultures grow and then sprayed with Lysol. Lysol killed virtually nothing, useless.
    I wonder if these sanitize solutions do any good and the wipes which are so popular. When using them the exposure time is very short and I suspect much more exposure is needed to have any effect if they are effective at all. A course of antibiotics is 10 days, not 10 seconds.

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