Board Meeting on Thursday, June 20

from the desk of Helaine…

Don’t forget the monthly open board meeting, Thursday, June 20, at 9 am.  Among the agenda items are:

  • A report from the Emergency Preparedness group on research into alternate power for emergency use.
  • Also the formal setting of the annual membership meeting date. Necessary because of recent change to meeting dates.
  • There is an issue with the current gravel being sold not matching former gravel in appearance or safety.
  • Work remains ongoing for the snowstorm cleanup. Much of the timber needs to be removed as it is an additional fire hazard. Fire season has officially been declared, already at level two. Harvesting some timber and cleanup must be done to prevent it from becoming an unacceptable fire risk.

These issues and others will be brought forward at the June meeting. Attend the meeting and be an informed member.

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