Welcome New Members

Hank and Ann David, Lot 174

Hank & Ann David, Lot #174 have spent a lot of time here in the park over the past 4 years and actually became members a several months ago. Their official orientation took place October 30th but a slip-up kept their picture from being published at that time.





Carol & LeeRoy Rigdon, Lot 124

Meet Carol & LeeRoy Rigdon, new leaseholders on Lot 124. They received notice of their #1 status in August but because of Camp Hosting commitments they have just arrived this month to settle in. They were given their official welcome orientation Dec. 7 by the Membership Committee.



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3 Responses to Welcome New Members

  1. Bob & Gen Lister Lot 24 says:

    Meet Carol & LeeRoy Rigdon, new leaseholders on Lot 24.

    Did we lose our lot ? !!!!!!!

  2. Thom Hoch says:

    Bob and Gen… The last I checked you are still on #24. The website editor simply dropped a digit in the story. The Rigdon’s are indeed on lot #124. The story has been corrected. T

  3. Fred says:

    SEE ya Bob

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