$2 Bills in Sutherlin

A memory from Helaine Hepworth…

As Timber Valley was just getting started, some of the citizens of Sutherlin were not so sure that we were important or an asset to the town. So the directors of the Park worked with a local bank and the park members converted their spending cash to $2 bills and then spent them in town. Local merchants, seeing piles of $2 bills in their tills, quickly learned that our members were indeed a valuable asset. That was 30 years ago. Sutherlin doesn’t need to see $2 bills anymore. They know we are a big part of Sutherlin.


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2 Responses to $2 Bills in Sutherlin

  1. Jean Knapper says:

    Very clever idea. Thanks, Helaine.

  2. Dick says:

    Great bit of park history. Thanks

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