Timber Valley Alert System Instructions

Simplified method to sign-up for basic alerts from your smartphone:

  • Text TVSKP to 84483 to receive alerts from Timber Valley SKP Park of Oregon.  You’ll receive confirmation that you’re signed up.  Easy… Simple… You’ll like it.


  1. Go to our Timber Valley website:  www.timbervalleyskp.com
  2. On the front page, in the right-hand column, under “Park Alerts”, click on the RainedOut Link.
  3. The next page displays the most recent alerts that have been sent, and, a little further down on the page, there’s a three-tabbed area that begins with “1 – Sign Up!
  4. “1 – Sign Up!”:  in the space provided, enter you full phone number OR your email address, depending on how you’d like to receive these alerts. Then, check the box where you agree to the terms of service. Click on the “Start Signup” button.
  5. 2 – Validation Code”: you will then receive a 4 digit validation code on your phone (or email, if you entered an email address). Enter that code in the space provided. Click on “Validate Code”.
  6. 3 – Receive Alerts“: You are now subscribed. As an additional step, you may select a committee from the list of groups on this page that you are a member of. This is not required. In the future, we may send alerts to these groups. When you’re finished, click the “logout” link at the bottom. You are now signed up.
  7. In the event you’d like to receive these short alerts on another phone or on your email, just go through the process above a second time using the additional phone number or email address.
  8. If you have questions or need assistance, contact Thom Hoch (lot 31).

Instructional Video about How to Sign Up

To Remove your phone or email address from the system, go back to tab “1 – Sign Up!”, and click on the link to “Manage Your Alert Subscriptions”.  Follow the instructions and you’ll be removed from the list.

Remember, this system is maintained by the users. There is no one in the park that can add or remove anyone from the list. You must do that yourself. However, we will provide assistance if necessary.