Tree and Yard Debris Pickup

Landscape Committee will be going around the park with “Big Green”, the dump truck, on Friday, May 29 between 9am – 11am (weather permitting), to pick up tree/yard debris at member lots for those who do not have the means to transport debris to the burn pile. Please have your debris piled at the edge of your lot near the road.

Sign-Up in the Mail Room if you want the truck to stop at your lot.

Volunteer help is low this time of year. Be Kind to Your Volunteers. Please, if you have the ability to take your own debris to the burn pile, do so.

Dar Hoch,
Landscape Committee Co-Chair

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In Memorium, Rita Prout

Courageous, caring, loving: Rita Prout was all of these and more. Though legally blind she completed a music degree and taught music. She co-directed a Community Theater. In Timber Valley she served on many committees, including Welcome Committee and the Library Committee. Commendable for a sighted people but requiring a high degree of courage and confidence for a sight- impaired person. Many did not realize she was blind, because she was so active and competent.

Rita was born in England and came to the United States as a ten year old. Her delightful English accent colored her speech many years later. She and Fred met when they co-directed at the Community Theater. They soon found out they had many things in common. They lived in Connecticut and Florida for a time and when they retired they bought a motor home and the road became their home; they visited 46 states after 1999.

Fred recalls when they Rv’d no traveler was ever alone for the Holidays. Rita would invite them in and Fred says “You were suddenly with us.” They stopped at Timber Valley for a week the first time and then increased their stays until they moved into Timber Valley permanently.

Rita’s eyesight was “way beyond the chart”, Fred says but she was finally fitted with glasses that improved her vision somewhat. Her genetic disorder predisposed her to cancer and she began chemotherapy treatments last January. The first treatments were horrible but with adjusted dosages she was able to tolerate them for a time. The Tuesday before she died Fred and Rita decided that she would terminate the treatments. They found that her doctor had reached the same conclusion. The doctor said she would be “uncomfortable” for 3-4 months and then feel good for several weeks.

His predictions did not come true. Rita died within one week on Tuesday, May 19th. Surviving are her husband, Fred, living at Linus Oaks in Roseburg and two daughters, Pamela in Connecticut and Robin in North Carolina.

Her many friends will miss the lady with the big smile, the beautiful white hair and the generous heart. We hope that her family will find consolation in their many happy memories of her.

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Rita Prout… Long-Time Member

The Timber Valley Community was deeply saddened by the recent death of Rita Prout, a well-known member.  Rita and her husband Fred moved into Timber Valley in 2009. Among the many ways she volunteered, she served on the Jacks and Jills Library Committee as Chairperson for many years. She was a generally happy spirit that uplifted everyone she met. Fred and Rita left Timber Valley in October 2019, moving to Linus Oaks Retirement Living in Roseburg. Fred and their dog, Kelly, still reside in Roseburg.

The members of Timber Valley extend our condolences to Fred and the family. Please contribute any stories or memories you have of Rita in the comments below.

A more extensive Memorial article about Rita is being planned and will be on this website shortly.

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Bingo is Back – Note Restrictions

Bingo is returning
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May 21 – Covid-19 Situation Status Report

Sit Stat Report 5-22-20 (1)
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Qigong Classes have Restarted

In clubhouse dining room. Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10:00 a.m.
Qigong (pronounced Chee-ghong’) is a centuries-old Chinese exercise practice. It is low impact, & stresses improving breathing, core strength, balance & overall health. Meditation skills are taught & practiced throughout the routine, which is done in standing &/or sitting positions, & takes approximately 35 well-spent minutes of your time. Join us!

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Update from Emergency Preparedness Overhead Team

Phase I of Reopening (2)
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DEER ME !! Suzie Rupert to the rescue !

The condition of the cement deer family in Snoopy’s Meadow had fallen (two of them had actually fallen over) into a severe state. Over the years they faded, cracked and parts broke off. In addition they were partially obscured by surrounding blackberry and weed overgrowth. It took major reconstructive and cosmetic surgery repair to help them. The fawn had literally lost it’s leg and required building a prosthesis. The brushy overgrowth has been cleared back, cracks filled, missing parts including the leg, rebuilt as best as could be. Now coated in fresh paint they await your return visits to Snoopy’s Meadow. Thank you Suzie Rupert for seeing something that needed attention and independently stepping forward to take on the task.

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Donna Tanous, Former Leaseholder

Our community was deeply saddened by news of the recent death of Donna Tanous, who passed away on Saturday, May 9, 2020. Donna and her husband, Larry became Leaseholders on 2006 and left the Park in 2012. They resided on Lot #6.

The members of Timber Valley extend our condolences to the family. Please contribute any stories or memories you have of Donna in the comments below.

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With Apologies to “Night Before Christmas by Jackie Deal

‘Twas too hot to vacate my air-conditioned house,
Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.
It’s so hot that the tires on my car want to melt.
Yes, I’m sure it’s the hottest that I’ve ever felt.

Rattle snakes were all nestled so snug in their beds,
“It’s too hot out there”, I’m sure they all said.
I put on my sunhat to go for a walk,
Don’t wait, it will soon be seven o’clock.

Cotton-tail bunnies hide out of sight,
No more romancing til later tonight.
They know how to multiply but not divide
Even tho they discreetly all hide.

The cactus must love this hot sunny shine,
They put out blooms that are so very fine.
Palo Verde’s tiny yellow flowers
Drift all around me in sneezy showers.

Come afternoon we’ll hide in air-conditioned spaces,
No one wants to go out to other places.
Look out the window at the sky so blue
Not a cloud anywhere to mar the view.

I’m back from my walk so now I’ll stay put.
Wait. First check thermometer that sits on my deck.
One hundred eighteen! Oh, come on, it’s not yet May.
One eighteen, oh that can’t be, what more can you say?

I’ll load up my stuff and I’ll pack up my car.
One thousand one hundred eighty one miles I go far
Thru mountains and valleys and deserts I go.
To home in the North where the cool winds will blow.

The mountains so grand rise up high on my way.
Mt. Shasta is gorgeous, the Queen of the Day.
It’s up and it’s down and it’s all around.
I don’t drive an RV, so motels I have found.

The mountains so green, they’re no longer all brown
No palm trees, no cactus in vales or in town.
The evergreen trees rise straight up to the sky.
They welcome me back as I travel by.

A home in the South and one in the North.
Good folks wherever I travel forth.
I’m so blessed to be loved by friends in both places.
To see smiles of welcome on all of their faces.

So put to bed this travesty of a poem,
Apologies go to Clement Clark Moore.
Originally he published anonymously
He’d surely disown this mess written by me.

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