Timber Valley Alerts System

In our continuing effort to keep members informed, the Communications Committee has been testing a new Alert system. The intention of this system is to inform members of park problems, issues, and notices. For example, water or electric utility interruptions, emergencies, and other changes or issues that effect members and that need to be communicated quickly.

Messages sent to members via this system are ONE WAY only and they are sent as short text messages to your phone, your email, or both.  The system is very secure as users put themselves on the list or off the list as needed. No one here in our park has access to view, add, or delete numbers or email addresses from the system — you do it yourself. It’s operated by an organisation called “Rained Out”, which assures users that your information (just phone numbers or email) is reasonably secure.

Because so many of us have cell phones with us most of the time, we recommend that all Park members add their phone numbers to this system in order to receive instant alerts regardless of your location or whether or not you’re traveling and out of the park. Of course, if you don’t have a cell phone or if you just prefer to get these alerts by email, that will work too.

Instructions for adding your phone number or email address to the system can be found here —> Link to Alert Instructions

As a simplified alternative, you may sign up for basic alerts this way:
Text TVSKP to 84483 to receive alerts from Timber Valley SKP Park of Oregon

We plan to do occasional test messages to everyone on the system so you can have some assurance that the system is working and so we can all get more comfortable with it.

If you have questions or need some help getting signed up, contact Thom Hoch (lot 31).