Landscape Committee

The Landscape Committee plans, implements, and maintains landscaping on common park property that will make Timber Valley SKP Park of Oregon aesthetically pleasing. Common areas of the park are evaluated by the committee for landscape needs, be they for improvement, replacement, watering (especially in summer), weeding or ongoing maintenance. Any leaseholder or renter, male or female is welcome and encouraged to attend meetings and/or work sessions. We are busiest from March through October. Tasks range in physical demand from light to heavy. Even if one has limited physical capabilities your ideas and talents are welcome. All skill levels have an important role in helping keep our park beautiful.

All Leaseholders are encouraged to participate in the planning, planting, watering, weeding and maintenance of common areas of the park near their lots or other common areas of the park that they choose to “adopt”.

Our park is alive and beautiful due to the combined efforts of dedicated committee members.

We encourage you to consider joining our group to learn first-hand the pleasure of working to beautify our park.


Useful Links:

Landscape Committee Guidelines

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Adopt-A-Greenspace Program

Adopt-A-Greenspace Program – Areas, Available and Adopted

Yellow = Greenspaces Available for Adoption

Yellow = Greenspaces Available for Adoption