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Update January 2018:   We’re experiencing some difficulties with this system. Due to the volume and content of our emails, they are, at times, marked as spam or junk mail, and our email account is restricted.  The preferred method of getting either the weekly Timber Valley Log, or the monthly Timber Valley Calendar is to find them under the “communications” tab on our website. Not only can you view them this way, but you can print them out if you’d prefer. In addition, paper copies can be picked up at the office.

[email protected] is a manually managed email broadcast message relay list for park members and those on the Active Waiting List.  Messages sent here for broadcast are relayed to the entire list, although it may take a few hours.  Members of the Communications Committee operate this list.

If you are not already on the list and desire to be, email your name and lot number/AWL number to this same email address and you will be added shortly.