Timber Valley SKP Park has Wi-Fi towers scattered throughout the park.  The goal is to make free Wi-Fi available to all our members and guests.  All the users of our Wi-Fi system share a common Internet connection and thus excessive data usage, such as streaming video, can adversely affect other users of the system.  Our system is controlled by an Internet gateway that attempts to equitably distribute the available bandwidth, as well as block Internet activities that would incur liability on the part of the park, such as the illegal downloading of movies.  All of the access towers require a password to connect, and the gateway itself requires an Access Code to get through it and on to the Internet.  The tower passwords and gateway Access Code are available from the office. As shown on the map below, each tower (access point) has a different Network Name (SSID) so that you can chose the one closest to you.

Timber Valley Wi-Fi towers.