Social Hour Friday March 15 @ 3pm – Jessica Cannon, Director of Sutherlin Chamber of Commerce

On March 15th, the Social Hour will be held at 3 p.m., and the Director of the Sutherlin Chamber of Commerce will be hosted. Jessica Cannon will tell us about the new Ambassador Program. I do not know if Jessica had this idea or if she learned of the Chapter 9 visits to businesses when she visited them. I know the owners told her about the community visits planned by our own Rhonda Scott and Richard Hicketheir.

Sharon and Rhonda are the leaders of the project to support businesses and groups like Lions, Rotary, stores, restaurants, etc. Ambassadors will strive to add members to the current group to educate visitors about where, who, and what opportunities exist in Sutherlin and Oakland. We want to be able to assure visitors that there are plenty of things to do or satisfy their needs.

Come and learn about “Greeters,” “Cash mobs,” and for an example of excursions to
places, such as a winery, where you can learn about viticulture and AirB&B, and, of course,
taste the products.

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