Social Hour Friday, February 2nd @ 3pm in the Clubhouse

This is a crucial meeting you will want to attend. The personal trainer did not work out, so we grabbed Dennis Riggs. He will be here to tell us about the new Sutherlin Emergency System, NIXLE, and how we can be connected when problems occur.

After a significant snowstorm a few years ago, the wise ones who live here developed a model survival plan. Some of the things Timber Valley did was establish block captains who oversee the emergency preparations of folks on their street. We have a representative of Timber Valley who serves with the City’s emergency planning department. We have a Citizens Band base with several members proficient in broadcast monitoring and communicating with local and distant emergency personnel nationwide. Weekly, there is a roll call to count members and guests in the park, and we know who may need extra assistance.

As I learned about the extensive ice and snow situations not too far north of us, I breathed a sigh of relief that we were not involved. Winter is not yet beyond us, nor are the rain storms. We, as they say, “Cannot rest on our laurels. ” Let’s learn, teach others, and improve on the plan.

Please plan to be there and bring your neighbor.

Sharon Elliott #36

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  1. Rick De Young says:

    Yes, Sharon, Snowmeggeden came at the end of February (2019) and it could come again this month. It helped us realize the need for communication when any natural disaster occurs in our Park and our Block Captains and Co-Captains are a vital part of our emergency preparedness plan. Dennis Riggs has been very complimentary of our work and generous with funds to aid it. We need to attend this to let him know we appreciate his work and the City of Sutherlin’s aid to our Park. See you there!

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