Timber Valley Log Needs Your Help

In response to several requests, the Timber Valley Log is now being published weekly instead of monthly. Weekly publication certainly provides greater opportunities to engage our members and keep everyone informed of what’s going on in our co-op community. However, it also requires more time, effort, and group involvement. We would really appreciate help in any/all of the following:

1. If you attend a TV park event and notice that no one is taking pictures, snap a few and send to TVLog@timbervalleyskp.com along with a short write up (the latter is optional if you’re not one for writing).

2. If you want an event announced or other park news included in the TV Log, please email it by midday Friday with your name and mobile number (in case we need to contact you). If your event requires clubhouse space, kindly check the park online calendar (Teamup) and find an open time slot. Refer to the Detailed “How-To”. You can bookmark the link, or find it on the right column of the TV website home page, between Sunshine Person and Park Emergency Alert System.

3. Regularly check to make sure that any events you have on the Online Teamup Calendar are up-to-date. We refer to this Calendar when creating the Timber Valley Log so if your entry is not up-to-date the log will be providing incorrect information. To update an event, use the same link as above and in your email clearly state which event you want to update and provide updated info.

We welcome comments and suggestions on how we can make the TV Log more useful for members, visitors, and friends. Any concerns are also welcome. We want to know what we are doing well and what we could do better. Please give us feedback.

Thank you very much!

Your Timber Valley Log Team

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