Social Hour Friday, June 30th @ 3pm – Speaker Phil Morton, Plant Warehouse

A quarter of the garden beds have either been planted or are ready to put lovely plants into. Now is where expertise is needed to keep plants healthy and productive. We vow not to use pesticides, so how do we protect the anticipated organic fruits and vegetables from bugs??

At Social Hour on Friday, June 30th, at 3 pm, we will hear from Phil Morton. Phil works at the Plant Warehouse in Roseburg. He will talk to us about planting, pruning, and weeding. Phil will cover specialty gardening, so let’s welcome him to our long-awaited garden project, which is now a reality.

In addition to the upcoming Social Hour, education sessions are being planned at the garden site. Members shall determine what they want to learn more about, do the research, and lead a discussion to keep our plants healthy and appetite satisfying.

The garden is just a bit past its infancy. The remaining beds, as they are readied, will hold any of the remaining logs and cardboard. Tools and equipment will be placed in a storage shed soon to appear. Hoses will be housed in bins, and the area will be maintained clean as a lot. Plans for a greenhouse to be placed near the water source will materialize before early spring seedling needs.

— Sharon Elliott

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