Social Hour Friday, June 16th at 3pm

Have you ever wondered what happens in the large building immediately on the left as you cross the railroad tracks heading west?

Have you seen the long, long trucks pull out of the building loaded with huge white plastic-covered things?

Have you ever heard, in the middle of the night, the squeal of equipment backing up?

Have you ever heard train activity with the engines blasting to alert cars on the highway, then the banging of rail cars bumping together? This happens mostly at night also.

Have you wondered about the plume of white smoke all through the year coming from the building?

To have all your questions answered, do not miss Social Hour Friday when Dan Semsak will be our speaker.

–Sharon Elliott #36

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  1. Dana McHugill says:

    I could tell you exactly what it is
    Our son has worked there since he was 18 and he’ll be 54 in August

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