June 2nd at 3 pm Social Hour will feature Sutherlin Police Officer Cody Mann

Cody will cover self-defense and gun safety. Lots of folks enjoy shooting and improving their efficiency in hitting a target. Hunters have pleasant memories of having bagged a trophy animal. Some believe a gun is the best protection against a rabid deer, fox, or bear. Mann will cover laws pertaining storage of guns and ammunition.

This is a controversial subject and I believe your opinion should be aired whether you agree or not with the topic of guns.

Questions such as these may be posed;

● What types of guns are safest in the hands of seniors?
● How do we deal with the senior that insists on having a gun when the aging brain behavior indicates otherwise?
● Can a police officer help a member’s partner or neighbor relieve the perceived above danger?
● How serious is the danger to members of our Park from intruders?
● Where is the shooting range?

The event should be interesting and everyone should be in attendance to speak and learn.

–Sharon Elliott #36

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