Hastings Village Workers in the Park

As you well know, the Park has tried to hire summer help for a couple of years and has been fairly unsuccessful. For example, the last 2 applicants were not able to do the physical work. However, the Park has recently been presented with an opportunity to help both our local community as well as the Park.

A representative from Hastings Village gave a presentation on their purpose and operation at a recent Friday social event. He indicated that some of their residents are motivated to improve their lives and are willing to work in order to do so. Several of us thought this might be a good idea to help people from our community while helping us keep our Park looking great.

Randy, our Park Manager is willing to try an arrangement with a limited number of workers on Tuesday through Thursday on a trial basis. They will be assigned tasks by Randy while being directly supervised by their own foreman. Although they are not park employees, they will be using Park equipment. Randy has briefed them on our safety and security expectations. We are still working on all the details, so for now this is a “trial project”.

Please welcome them with the usual SKP waves and the friendliness of our Park. If you have any questions, please contact Randy, Rockey or Gerry V.

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16 Responses to Hastings Village Workers in the Park

  1. Suzi says:

    Whether you agree with this or not, my compliments to the writer of this informing us of how we are tring to remedy a need.

    I am a proponent of work campers, so if you want to reach out to me, we can have a discussion.

  2. Joan Larson says:

    What a great solution to several problems. Hope it goes as well as I think it will.

    In addition to working on Park projects, will they be available for our members to hire for clean-up, etc. jobs on their lots?

  3. Linda Zebb says:

    I’m sorry to be a wet blanket, but why are we inviting homeless people into the park? We don’t want solicitors or others even walking or driving through the park, but we want homeless people with access to our tools? It seems to me this should have gone to a vote of all members.

  4. Teresa R Hilty says:

    Well said Linda. I echo your thoughts. I just spoke to Sue Eytalis and not only are we welcoming homeless into the park, we, as members without our approval, are PAYING THEM TO WORK. We are now adding the addtional monetary burden on retirees while continuing to pay one full time and one part time employee. This should have definitely gone before the membership.

  5. Sue Eytalis says:

    I appreciate everyone taking the time to express their comments about our workers from Hastings Village. We are a community of caring and sharing people. Being homeless is not something that anyone wants to be but unfortunately do to various circumstances in their lives, these people are now homeless. I feel that we should give people a chance to change their lives. Because someone is homeless doesn’t make them bad people. They have just fallen on bad times.
    These people are not soliciting, walking through or driving about, they are working and doing work that we can’t seem to get volunteers to do. If you are against this then maybe you should see Randy and offer your services by volunteering.

  6. John Pierce says:

    If Randy did the job he was hired to do instead of standing around talking all the time we wouldn’t need to hire other outside people.

  7. Genevieve Lister says:

    Great idea and they are doing a good job. The park already looks super and the workers are not slacking off. I’m all for the extra help.

  8. Cindy Pierce says:

    Wow, I can’t believe that JUST A FEW PEOPLE made this important decision about the homeless working for A WAGE. What happened to the members of this park? Why do we want more people roaming around and seeing what we have on our lots. So after they leave and things start to go missing, what then? It seems to me that the rights of the members are being taken away from us. Maybe the people that hired the homeless, should pay them out of their own pockets. It also seems that our maintenance fees just keep going up while just a FEW people keep spending. Just sayin.

    • Teresa R Hilty says:

      I agree Cindy. This one was slid right past the membership. Someone mentioned a question about liability with these workers. If they get injured I guess the membership will pay for their medical bills. Randy is “training” them on equipment and you know from experience that’s a plus.

  9. Robert Tetrick says:

    Instead of complaining about our maintenance fees why don’t you do something about it? We have fifteen per cent of the lease holders doing all the work and the other eighty five percent doing all the complaining (not documented figures but close).

    Furthermore, the park would lower our maintenance fees a lot more if everyone would put their lots in the rental pool when they are not in the park or charge you a fee for not having your lot in the rental pool.

    I’m pretty sure that volunteering, traveling, and keeping our expenses as low as possible is what this park is all about.

  10. Rod Zebb says:

    The park is for SKP members only. We can’t even bring our families in for a stay. If you want to help the homeless, please do. But do not bring them into the park. I have actually worked with them and gotten to know some of them. I have taken them to the store and McDonalds for food. AA and the churches support them. I gave up my campsite for them. They even wanted another ride to get shoes from a church. One guy started fires all over Denver, that’s why he was in Truckee, CA. They have mental problems, drug addictions, and want everything for free. We need to feel safe in Timber Valley. Letting the homeless in is a terrible idea. Liability is another issue. NO!

  11. Thom Hoch says:

    It’s good to see these comments and to have an open conversation about things going on in our Park. Generally, although I was a bit skeptical at first, I’m seeing a ton of work being done. And the reason they’re here is because we’ve been unsuccessful in finding anyone else to do this very physical work. At the time this opportunity presented itself, our choice was to let thing go… let the appearance of the Park deteriorate… OR give this a chance. I’m willing to take a chance.

    And if the Park can be a small part of getting someone started in the right direction… to get them off the streets and back to being a productive member of society, I for one am all for it. These people are well-supervised and, in my opinion, deserve a chance. Sure, not all can be helped. But let’s not put ALL of them in the same bucket as worthless people.

  12. Jill Goldman says:

    There is money already budgeted for summer parttime people so this is not costing the members any additional money. The park was having a hard time finding willing summer workers when this opportunity was present to us. Hard workers who wanted to improve their lives. I, for one, was glad that we were able to work a win/win solution.

    • Teresa R Hilty says:

      Thank you Jill. After I spoke with Sue she was unclear in answering my questions. So I continued to search for answers and was pleased with what I learned. Your note was on point. The park hasn’t looked this good in years. The folks from Hastings have done a fabulous job. The stigma of “homeless” I think caught several folks off guard and were suspicious of them being in the park. The Board should have handled the situation a bit better by informing the members of what was happening, cost and liability. Thank you for your clear informative explanation. They are doing a great job! I believe this will be a successful trial and one that can solve our annual summer help issues.

  13. Linda Zebb says:

    Ok, the sharing and caring comment burns me up. We are sharing and caring for Escapees. That comment was to shame those of us against hiring the homeless to work in the park. I certainly hope they aren’t invited to use our laundry room or other facilities. We have many homeless in our city in California. These people are on drugs or have mental problems or both. They are harmless until they are not. As far as telling us we need to volunteer our time: some of have health issues that make it impossible. Going to shame us again?

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