Social Hour Friday May 26th @ 3 pm – Speaker Grant Fahey, Sutherlin Sanitary Service

The Sutherlin Sanitary Service is the company that collects our refuse in the dumpster as well as cardboard. There are some things that are not supposed to be placed into the container. Do you know what those items include?

As I drive to Eugene, I see an actual mountain having been built with trash. As I understand it, the buried trash results in the release of methane gas into the atmosphere.

My husband uses auto-injectors which after use are considered a biohazard and no longer accepted by the pharmacy, and doctors’ offices. What do we do with them?

So much of what we purchase is packaged in plastic. Berries, condiments, nuts, beverages. I can go on and on. I flinch every time I add it to my trash. Animals, including fish, become tangled in it endangering their lives. Then there is the mighty trash island in the ocean.

Did you know that there is governmental action being considered? Grant Fahey will be our speaker on Friday and will address all these issues. Bring your questions and concerns.

–Sharon Elliott #36

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  1. Joan Larson says:

    Thanks Sharon,
    We all as responsible humans need to hear this. Hope we’ll have a barn-buster crowd.

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