Social Hour Friday May 12, 2023 @ 3pm – Speaker Wayne Elsworth from Umpqua Heart

Wayne Elsworth had to cancel his visit last month but he is rescheduled for Friday. With him will be a Sutherlin resident by the name of Marianne Anderson. Wayne works for Adapt and organized an organization called Umpqua Heart to assist persons who have lost safe housing.

Come and hear about Hastings Village, a “Camp” at the corner of Taylor and Hastings provided by our city. This is a unique forerunner for how municipalities can deal with the problems.

I have heard comments such as, “Why should taxpayers spend our money on the druggies?” I suggest you bring your questions and concerns to the presentation, in the clubhouse, and learn why they live in the Village. A few days ago there was a fire in the village and several again lost all their belongings. As we have an ethic of Caring and Sharing, we just may be able to assist these ner-do-wells.

–Sharon Elliott #36

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