Food Handler Training… Tuesday

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  1. Donna Dee says:

    Quick question because I’m not currently in the park and can’t attend this training…. do those that scoop ice cream during the ice cream socials NEED a food handlers card?

    • Sue Eytalis says:

      I will ask and get back to you. I personally feel it’s a good idea for people to have the license and it can be obtained anytime on-line
      Sue Eytalis #166

  2. Rick De Young says:

    When is “the test”??
    Do I correctly assume that it is an on-line test, which can be taken after taking the course and paying the $10 fee?

    • rsmithey says:

      Excellent question Rick, and hopefully someone “in the know” can answer. I took the online course and exam ( yesterday and found the website to be a bit buggy (not sure if it was because of the wifi at the campground I’m at, or if it’s the website itself), but it’s an option for those unable to attend Tuesday’s in-person training and exam. I’ll be at Tuesday’s meeting to take minutes as I’m the Emergency Prep scribe.

      Shocking statistic I learned from the course: in the US, 48 million cases of food borne illness result in over 3000 deaths annually, with YOPI (Younger than age 5, ***Older than age 65***, Pregnant women, and Immune compromised) especially vulnerable.

      While I have no current plans to use the TV kitchen, the course was a superb reminder of food safety (and that I shouldn’t be holding Jane’s dog Mini while I’m preparing my camping oatmeal 😉

    • Kristine Godbey says:

      You can take the test Tuesday, April 11th. after the presentation. It is open book. Or you can take it online after the presentation if you would like. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.

  3. rsmithey says:

    Thanks Kristine for the info!

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