Social Hour Friday March 31, 2023 @ 3pm – Sutherlin Police Department Representative

A representative of the Sutherlin Police Department will be the guest speaker at our get- together on Friday. This will be an opportunity to inquire about the overall safety of our community. As an officer what would their main concern be?

Being a community on the I-5 corridor, we can inquire about human trafficking and safety, safety, especially of our children. What do we need to watch for?

There have been new laws passed and pending especially as they pertain to gun safety. Is it a good idea for advanced-aged folks to carry firearms? How should guns in the home be stored? What happens if we shoot someone we believe is threatening our lives?

What do they spend the most time doing in their profession and lastly, how are they treated by the general population of Sutherlin and is there anything the SKPs can do to make their work easier?

Bring a snack to share. Don’t be left uninformed.

–Sharon Elliott

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