Social Hour Friday February 10th 3pm

At Social Hour tomorrow at 3 pm, we will be informed by Sensei Lisa Woods and one of her students.

Should you not be familiar with The Eternal Warrior, they are located in the little strip mall adjacent to Abby’s Pizza. The Sensei specializes in the instruction of Karate and Kobudo. Their building has a big red sign that says “KARATE”. This is a Christian organization that teaches self-defense for all ages. In addition, they conduct an afterschool program where children do their homework before self-defense classes. Lisa says that some students with failing grades are now on the Honor Roll.

Sensei Lisa has been studying martial arts for nearly 24 years and also is an inductee in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. She will instruct us in the value of fitness, situational awareness, self-confidence, respect for others, and self-discipline. In addition, to the business, Lisa is the newest member of the Sutherlin City Council.

–Sharon Elliott

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