Lifestyle & Nutrition Course at UCC

Ring in the new year with a lifestyle & nutrition course taught by the Umpqua Community Veg Education Group (UC-VEG). This 13-week training series teaches people how to use “lifestyle medicine” to prevent disease and manage stress in a socially-supportive atmosphere.

Topics include preventing heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other chronic illnesses, as well as how to manage stress using mindfulness, avoid toxins and chemicals, and “move naturally” by incorporating more exercise into daily life. That’s info we can all use!

To register and get more info visit the UC-Veg website, email, or call 541-378-6359. Attendance can be virtual/livestream or you can attend in person at the Aviva conference room at the new Aviva Health building at 150 Kenneth Ford Dr., Roseburg. Make sure to claim your spot before January 5th.

contributed by Cathy Deyo Lot 96

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