Movie Night

Watch TRUE GRIT This Thursday!

Instead of For Whom the Bell Tolls, we’re showing TRUE GRIT this Thursday (September 22). This is the original True Grit (with John Wayne) not the remake. Why the switch? Turns out For Whom the Bell Tolls is nearly three hours. Yikes! Too long to sit on not-so-comfortable chairs. True Grit is considerably shorter. And much more entertaining. So come enjoy movie night with friends and neighbors! Movie starts at 6:00 pm. Come a few minutes early to grab your favorite seat and fresh popcorn!

Dave and Michelle Van Westen, #182
714-625-2334 and 714-273-0743

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One Response to Movie Night

  1. Melinda amd Dick says:

    Movie night was great fun, and we all enjoyed “True Grit”. Thanks, Dave and Michelle for providing this entertainment for all to enjoy. Can’t wait until next month to see what you pick for us to see.

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