Covid-19 Update

There have been multiple members in our Park that have tested positive to Covid-19 and to my knowledge they have been responsible and notified the members they may have exposed and also self quarantined. The clubhouse is open. As always , masks are optional. If any Committee or any activities wish to cancel or maybe move outside, that is their choice. The Board will monitor and evaluate for future Board meetings including the Annual meeting set July 19.. I’m proud of our Park…We met the challenge of this virus but unfortunately it’s still with us. We know what to do to protect ourselves As always, be respectful and kind to one another. Your Board President, Patti Healey

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2 Responses to Covid-19 Update

  1. Steve &Jackie Jones lot 102 says:

    We all LOVE Patti Healey

  2. Sue Eytalis, #166 says:

    Thank you. I appreciate the fact that members have finally been notified of the many COVID cases in the park. We all have been hearing the rumors for a couple weeks and we all know that a rumor is a circulating report of uncertain or doubtful truth. Getting the information out to the members in a timely matter could/should stop the rumors. Letting our high risk residents be aware of what is happening in the park should be a priority.

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