All the Fixin’s for a Turkey Dinner – No Charge


Compliments of St Francis Community Kitchen & Sutherlin Food Bank

Available to anyone for the taking and baking or sharing…delivered by Rick DeYoung to the Clubhouse kitchen refrigerator are two 7-lb turkeys and a bag of canned/dry goods (on the counter) to accompany each turkey. Bags are filled with all the necessities to make a complete dinner feast including dessert. Cook for yourselves or cook for someone else. Part of the SKP sharing and caring. Turkey dinners aren’t just for Thanksgiving day, but these turkeys are not frozen and need to be cooked soon.

If you are interested just come and take one.

Happy Thanksgiving

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4 Responses to All the Fixin’s for a Turkey Dinner – No Charge

  1. Suzi says:

    Very awesome. Thank you Rick for helping make the dinner available to all.

  2. Jimmy smith says:

    I would be happy to cook/smoke these turkeys for anyone. Jimmy 509 413 9272. #197

  3. Tom Binniniger says:

    This last summer I bought a Wheelchair van and soon found I had no driver. Ted Booth helps when he can,however I am looking for capable drivers for short trips to Rosenberg and back limited money could be involved. 1-541-530-6170

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