LiveStream Test of Open Board Meeting

We’re going to do another test of our streaming capabilities with the Board Meeting tomorrow, November 18 at 9am.  For the link, go to the members-only page and look for the link near the top.  You do need a good internet connection, but when you click on the link, you should be able to watch the meeting from your computer or smartphone.

The audio has been quite low, so turn up your volume and find a quiet place to view.  When it’s over, I’m interested in your thoughts and how it worked for you.

Thom Hoch

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4 Responses to LiveStream Test of Open Board Meeting

  1. rsmithey says:

    Thank you so much Thom for live-streaming the board meeting! I used the park wifi and booster and it streamed flawlessly, and the audio was perfectly clear on my laptop with earbuds. This was the first board meeting I have attended, and I found it extremely informative (and enjoyed the moments of humor). Thanks again Thom, Board, and Committees for all that you do!

  2. Kristen Gordon says:

    Love the live streaming of the Board Meeting. Thank you Thom and all who made it possible.

  3. Gwen #93 says:

    I watched the meeting this morning on Zoom. The audio was good as was the picture.

    Thanks Thom. Good Job

  4. Jean Knapper. #116 says:

    I watched it yesterday. It worked perfectly. Thank you.

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