Recycling Updates

Crushed RecyclingThe Sutherlin Lions Club is celebrating 75 years of service to our community. On November 8, Mayor Michelle Sumner presented the Club president and other Lion attendees with a proclamation announcing November as “Sutherlin Lions Month”.

Lions’ major source of revenue is from recycling bottles and cans, and the SKP Park provides much of the plastic and beer bottles we process. Hydration is important so please keep the liquid flowing. Derived funds are used to provide glasses and hearing aids, scholarships, Christmas trees and presents for those in need, and much much more.

We really appreciate your contributions and want you to know that The Oregon Bottle Recycle Center in Eugene has given us new rules. The two-liter water bottles are not recyclable! Crushed cans or bottles will not be accepted either. I weep when we have to throw away a squeezed can or bottle as there goes 10 cents. 10 bottles =$1.

Of course we will continue to appreciate and collect all you donate, but I hope you will understand and refrain from squeezing the containers.

–Sharon Elliot

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3 Responses to Recycling Updates

  1. Suzanne & John Budovec #123 says:

    Congrats to the Sutherlin Lion’s Club. Thank you for all of the good you do for the community. Thanks also Sharon for the need to know info. Carry on!

  2. anonymonus says:

    FYI – the Gallon jugs of water shown above can be taken to Bottle Drop in Roseburg. There isn’t a refund of a bottle deposit but they will recycle them.


  3. Shirley Smedley says:

    Thank you Sharon for everything you do for TV and for Sutherlin.

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