Park Water Use – We Need Your Help!

Water UsageOn Oct. 30, 2021 the park’s daily water use INCREASED about 2000 gallons per day, and so far has not returned to normal.  All irrigation is off, and with all the rain, we doubt anyone is watering outside.

In the past few days, the Park Manager and a couple of members reported finding hose or other leaks and repaired them.  Yet the water use numbers, so far, have not returned to normal. This is costing us money that could be better used for something!

We are asking everyone to help by inspecting their water hoses and water boxes for leaks. Check your absent neighbors’ water boxes also.

Please contact the Office or Park Manager if you find any problems with the Park water system, or discover any water flowing where it normally is not.…we are trying to correct this as soon as we can.

RV water hoses / fittings / hose washers have a limited lifespan, and when they fail, they can leak large amounts of water. These should be replaced every few years.

Here are the actual Park water use gallons directly from our water monitor database.  Please compare the gallons used in the circled area with the days prior.

Thank You – Marc Stalnaker

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