Notice to WiFi users:

1. Expect outages over the next several days between 8AM to noon.
2. We will be installing upgraded equipment on Park towers, south of State Canyon.
3. We’ll provide an update after the install.

Your Park WiFi Committee

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6 Responses to WiFi UPDATE

  1. Joan L says:

    Thank you! All your efforts are appreciated.

  2. Jimmy says:

    We love you guys. I wish you could have uniforms. Kind of like bell boys. Ha ha

  3. Suzi rupert says:

    Thanks Team TV….you are appreciated. SUZI

  4. Sandra L Davidowski says:

    Thanks Thom for all you and your “crew” do to improve WiFi and communication to and from our lovely Timber Valley SKP park. This message is written from far,far away in Scorchin’ Hot Dry County in Central Valley, California. We’re all suffering the “Heat Dome”—that’s true SKPs for ya–Take the Bad with the Good! Here’s to more “Good” in coming days. Take Care Everyone! Hoping to see folks up there in September.

    Sandy Davidowski, Lot 59

  5. ANITA #3 says:

    Thank You So Much for all your hard work. I absolutely love our wifi system.

  6. Fred says:

    I don’t happen to use the park wi fi but you are all very important to members of the park. Hope those affected are better soon. You guys and gals rock.

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