Reminder Jack & Jills Meeting

Jacks and Jills meeting.
Monday, April 26th 1PM
Clubhouse Big Room

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  1. Rick De Young says:

    The membership should be heard concerning our wishes to resume certain activities in our club house, such as committee meetings, pool playing, Saturday donuts, Qi Gong and other activities which can comply with Oregon law.
    Like the Governor of Oregon, the Board is exercising emergency authority over the clubhouse, but traditionally it has been Jacks and Jills responsibility to do so and the wishes of the majority of our members need to heard, and to be taken into consideration by Jacks and Jills.
    Now is the time to prepare, in preparation for our achieving “herd immunity” for our Park. Better to do it sooner rather than later! So, come, present your ideas, thoughts and wishes in our traditional way of managing our clubhouse.

  2. Linda Zebb says:

    Rod and I agree. I think most of us are vaccinated and it is time to have some social activities. See you at the meeting.

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