SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! Yes, it’s already started: scams about the Covid vaccine. Don’t be fooled. The following info’ appeared in the “Desert Messenger”, Quartzsite, Arizona’s newspaper.
1. Be suspicious if told you must pay. Likely either the shots will be free or insurance will cover it.
2. You cannot pay to be put on any list for the vaccine. You don’t have to pay to go on a list. Period.
3. You cannot pay someone to give you early access to the vaccine. Can’t be done.
4. Medicare or the Health Department will not contact you to register for routine vaccine shots.
6. No one should call asking for your Social Security, credit card etc. or other information in order for you to get the vaccine.
7. Watch out for “other remedies” in place of the vaccine. There’ll be plenty of them.
8. No one should come knocking at your door to sign you up.

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  1. Gwen D Prohaska says:

    Thanks for the warning, Jackie.

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