**NOTICE** Monday’s Covid Open Board Meeting at 9am by Zoom Video

As the Board looks for solutions to balance the requirements of our bylaws for monthly open board meetings with the meeting restrictions placed on us by the State for Covid-19 relief, we’re planning to use a Video Conferencing tool known as Zoom for our regular bi-weekly Covid-19 Open Board Meeting on Monday, December 14, at 9am. This is a test to evaluate the system. All members are invited to join the meeting. A link to the meeting will be posted on the website on the Member’s Only Page. Alternatively, you can obtain the meeting information from the office.

There are members of our Park who already do Zoom meetings with family and friends during the Covid crisis. For them, this is an easy procedure.  We encourage any member to become familiar with the Zoom software and join in this, and any future open Board meetings that may utilize Zoom.

The direct link to the meeting can be found on the Members Only Page (near the top)

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2 Responses to **NOTICE** Monday’s Covid Open Board Meeting at 9am by Zoom Video

  1. Skip & Sue says:

    Excellent plan. We have used zoom for a Dr. appointment, a family holiday gathering and our Granddaughter’s wedding.

  2. George Reel says:

    Works great. Just remember you can be seen and background. At one meeting a father was on a meeting and his teenage daughter walked out of the shower to her room naked. Just be careful.
    Get the email of the members who wish to join the meeting. Then just send the code and meeting id to all. Remind members that they cannot join in till the host “board ” opens meeting.

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