Wednesday is the day the Firemen pick up our “Toys For Joy”. Wednesday!! Have you been into the clubhouse to see the wonderful toys accumulating? Have you taken your toys in yet? Yes, we can enter the clubhouse “as individuals not as groups”. So go check.

There’s some wonderful toys but we need more. In past years we’ve had two or three times the toys awaiting the Firemen and the jubilant children. This is not the year for less, this is the year that more is needed. Some Mommies and Daddies may not be bringing home paychecks due to Covid restrictions. Kids are being kept at home and those few same ole toys are getting raggedy and losing their appeal. And yes, there are some kids who will have NO toys for Christmas if we fail them.

Mittens for tiny cold fingers. Bikes for rowdy boys (and girls too). Cars, trucks. Stuffed animals. There’s room for whatever your heart wishes to provide. You don’t have to wrap them, no bows or string to fight with. Just put new, unwrapped toys under our Christmas tree in the clubhouse.

P.S. If you’ve know the history of the Timber Valley Toy Drive or anything about the distribution, please send it into the website. We’d love to know more about this annual celebration of childhood. Thanks.

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