Not Feeling Good?

Oh no! You don’t feel good, mild fever, what if??…  What do you do?

First as long as the symptoms are mild wait a few days. If it is Covid 19w waiting 5-7 days gives the body time to produce some antibodies. That is what the tests are looking for. Test too soon, before anti bodies have yet to develop, and you will likely get a false negative. So you have waited a few days and you still feel bum, with your insurance card in hand call your primary Dr. He will, by fax, contact a testing facility. A referral will be issued and sent to Douglas County by fax. They will call you and a Tuesday or Friday appointment for testing will be set. Results in 4 days, It is a PCR test with 80% accuracy.

There is a hot line 541 464 6550. They have answers to your questions.

You don’t have a primary Dr. here Call Aviva Health in Sutherlin 541 459 6550 for free health advice.

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