Wanted Microphone Wranglers

We need men or women to handle the microphones at various meetings and events. Easy work. Mics are sanitized before use, there are a couple of knobs to turn on and off, all of which will be shown to you. It would be super helpful if those groups that need mics at their meetings had one or two members who could handle them. You are going to be there anyhow, help the group out by setting up the equipment for them. While it is easy work and can be handled by a single person, It really takes a committee to provide the service to the many meetings and events. Ideally a member of the sound committee would work only one or two events a month. This may be the perfect niche for someone who hasn’t found his job yet in this Co-op park. See Art Hampton lot 94, 541 315 2313.

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6 Responses to Wanted Microphone Wranglers

  1. Fred PROUT says:

    Out of park consultant may be available.

  2. Ronald Thomas says:

    I am hoping to be a weekly/monthly resident soon.
    This is one of the skills I can offer. Of course, I realize a current resident may be able to step up to the task….
    (I am #110 on the waiting list – If I am able to get a site – I will be around.)
    Ron Thomas 🙂
    541-915-1020 cell/text

  3. Jackie Jones lot 102 says:

    Have Fred Proud come and do it, he is great and always did a fantastic job.

  4. Mike Hilty says:

    I have offered to handle this task for all board meetings, while I am on the board. I have received full tutelage from Fred Prout Sound System University.

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