Hot Hot Hot! Extreme Fire Danger

The next three days will be very warm! Here are a few things to keep in mind…

  1. Douglas Fire Protection Association has set the fire danger to Extreme! This is indicated by the red flag on the reader board near the Office.
  2. Our electrical loads will be strained with air conditioner use. Please! Do not try to run two air conditioners. Even without two air conditioners running, we may experience some circuit breaker failures. If this happens, call Rockey Shanahan at 503 508-1438. Randy will be available over the weekend and she will contact him to reset any failed breakers. Please do not attempt to reset these yourselves.
  3. Remember the Clubhouse is air conditioned. Wear masks, maintain social distances (6 feet).
  4. Stay hydrated, use sun screen if you have to be outside.


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