Bored? Grumpy? Try This

Getting older by the minute? Try something new. Try Chi Gong.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 10 am there’s plenty of room to “social distance” and still enjoy yourself exercising in the clubhouse. Unless you’ve found the Fountain of Youth (and haven’t shared it with the rest of us) you‘re getting stiffer, weaker, losing your balance etc. etc. All those blessing of age that we do share.

Chi Gong stresses deep breathing. Did you know that none of us use the full capacity of our lungs? Deep breathing may help prevent colds and pneumonia. We use five video tapes that present a different set of exercise targeting muscles and balance. Those of us who go South for six months find we lose balance and strength without Chi Gong. It’s a privilege to return and join friends as we struggle to regain our quickly slipping youth.

Chi Gong is gentle yet you’ll know you’ve exercised the next day. And before long you’ll see you can do things you couldn’t manage when you started. It’s called progress!

The cost is right. It’s free. It takes only 30-40 minutes of your 1440 minute day. You could enjoy and you would benefit. Come join us.


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