Return of the Apple User’s Group?

A couple of us have been discussing the idea of re-invigorating the Apple Users Group.

We will have a meeting Wed., July 15th at 10am in the Clubhouse.

Bring your ideas on how the group can be useful and fun for all the Apple (Mac & IOS) users in the Park. Eg. Maybe two meetings per month … one for Mac and one for iPhones/iPads? So…bring your ideas and devices!

Gerry Vroomman

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1 Response to Return of the Apple User’s Group?

  1. Elaine Nickel Lot #44 says:

    Please include me. I have an iPhone and iPad, use my iPad for doing games and the iPhone for most all the other things but I have a HP computer which at the moment I can get on internet occasionally it is always dropping me from internet service.
    Lately it has been hard to get on the internet and very difficult to do my research. I am considering getting an apple computer but really am hesitant because my son can’t help me then. I would have to change my Genealogy programs to Mac and start all over I think. That is with my family tree research. Any suggestions would be helpful!

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