Annual Committee Sign-up – Now at Clubhouse

Covid has again messed up the way we do business. In the past, we’ve had a definite routine during the annual meeting to give the membership the means to sign up for the various committees of Timber Valley. This year that’s changing.

First it is important to remember that Timber Valley is a Co-Op park. That means that each of us has the duty and privilege of working in some manner that benefits the park. We do that by choosing to work on committees that make the best use of our skills and talents.

This year the signup sheets are in the clubhouse, laid out on the tables. They are there now and will be until July 15th. So please stop by and sign up for your choice of  these great committees.

Choose from….

The Activity Club also know as Jacks & Jills. EVERY MEMBER is automatically a member of this group and they plan social events. Includes Library Sub-committee, Sunshine Sub-committee, and the Visitor Welcome Sub-committee.

Audit Committee: those with accounting or business skills are encouraged to consider joining

Budget, Now named Finance Committee, reviews income and expanses and determines Maintenance fees

By-Laws Committee, studies,and deliberates the By-Laws, Rules and Regulations as requested by the board of directors.

Communications Committee has the goal to inform members of park activities, events and news in a timely manner using available means.

Election Committee secures candidates and oversee registration and voting

Emergency Preparedness Committee works to coordinate Timber Valley’s efforts toward preparation for, and response to, emergencies and disasters

Grievance Committee help resolve complaints be respectful and peaceful means.

Landscape Committee maintains and replaces plants as needed.

Lot Improvement Committee reviews requests from leaseholders who wish to improve their lots.

Membership Committee does the orientation meeting with new leaseholders.

Visitor Welcome Committee greets all overnight visitors who stay with us regardless of length of stay.

Mail Committee sorts and distributes mail on Saturdays and as needed.

Planning, Construction, and Maintenance (PCM) probably our largest committee. They determine needed projects and their cost. Works closely with the Board of Directors.

If you’d like more details about any committee at Timber Valley, click here for the publication “Committees of Timber Valley

So, please take a journey through the sign-up sheets on the tables at the clubhouse, and sign up.  It’s OK to sign up for more than one.

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