Your Help Requested

The Board directed Dan Ohnemus and Rockey Shanahan to head up an Adhoc Committee to look into an additional vehicle for the Park Manager. They would like 3 to 5 Leaseholders to help. Time and Place to be determined. They want this completed by the July 16th Board Meeting.

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7 Responses to Your Help Requested

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why is another vehicle needed as we already have two for the park manager.

  2. John Fye says:

    I have to assume that we, the park, are planning on hiring another full time person to justify another vehicle. Or are we going to replace the old green dump truck, now that makes sense. Wish I was there to help.

    John Fye

  3. Skip Eytalis says:

    Skip Eytalis lot 166 would like to be on the ad hoc committee.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Help us understand why an additional vehicle is needed. Thank you.

  5. Rockey Shanahan says:

    Skip, thank you. We will let you know date and time.
    John Fye, no we are not hiring a full time person. Drew is here working this summer.
    The adhoc committee is being formed to discuss the need for an additional vehicle and what kind of vehicle. Golf Cart vs UTV.

  6. Anonymous says:

    How can the park manager drive 3 vehicles a thg the same time?

  7. Margi says:

    Why do we need 3 vehicles? A pickup and an ATV should be enough. Lets stop the spend, spend, spend mentality.

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