Water and Irrigation

a note from the water use monitoring team…

Irrigation season is upon us! Just a quick note to remind us that our high water rates have NOT gone down during this COVID 19 situation. It IS ok to use water for outdoor activities, if you closely monitor and control use. One simple way to tell if you over-watering, is to just look at the ditches in front of your lot. If it hasn’t rained in a while,
the ditch should be generally dry. If water is flowing in the ditch, you are probably
over-watering and costing all of us money.

“Watch those ditches”

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  1. Rick De Young says:

    My ditch is wet, year round. Your message has caused my wife and me to suffer inappropriate criticsm and promotes disharmony in our park. I suggest you modify it to recognize that this park does still have underground springs and water that accumulates and flows into our ditches from natural causes as well as from overwatering.

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