Looking for any member of Timber Valley SKP CO-OP Park to help with Landscape Nursery plant care.

Job Description: Work is outdoors in beautiful Oregon weather. Work consists of: daily watering (if it doesn’t rain) of plants that are not on the drip system; monitoring health of plants; occasionally fertilizing plants; and encouraging healthy plant growth (talk to the plants). Tools and materials will be supplied. Work schedule coordinated with other part time volunteer caretaker. Work is independent at your own pace. Superior social distancing provided.

Qualifications: Knowledge of plants and plant care desirable, but not required. Must be able to lift and carry a water hose to plants for watering and ability to mix and apply appropriate fertilizer when needed.

Wages: Commensurate with other volunteer work at Timber Valley SKP Park … Satisfaction.

Advancement Opportunities.

If interestested: Apply to Landscape Committee Co-Chair

Dar Hoch, Lot #31


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