Landscape Committee Changes

From:  Dar Hoch, Landscape Committee Co-Chair

Landscape Committee Changes:

The Landscape Committee has geared up, but during this time of Coronavirus some changes will be made.  This outdoor work doesn’t require closeness. We will maintain social distancing and disinfecting practices.  Work sessions will continue every Friday at 9 AM, starting at the Clubhouse and spreading out with assignments from there.  Those who wish to work independent of Fridays, a weekly Projects Spreadsheet will be posted in the Mail Room and Clubhouse bulletin board, so members can work on projects on their own time.

We Need More Help!

Thank you to all the Volunteers who work together to make this Park beautiful.

But we need more help!  You don’t need to be a member of the Landscape Committee to be part of this effort.  Another way members can help is to adopt an area. What’s involved in adoption? Mostly it’s removing weeds.  Trimming shrubs is also needed in some areas. Keeping the area looking good. The advantage is that you are able to work on your own time when you want and at your own speed.  See the Adopt-A-Greenspace up-coming article for more information.

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