Landscape Committee, Friday at 9am

Date: Friday, March 20
Time: 9:00am

Place: Clubhouse Dining Room

From: Dar Hoch, Landscape Committee Co-Chair

It’s SPRING!!! The Landscape Committee is gearing up again. Weekly meeting/work sessions will begin this Friday and every following Friday. Everyone is invited to attend, no matter your skill level or physical level. Your input is valuable. Meetings begin with discussion, review, and planning followed by a work session. Meeting start times are usually at 9am.

This Friday’s agenda:
Review priorities for remainder of fiscal 2019-2020
Adoption of Greenspace Areas
Work session

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2 Responses to Landscape Committee, Friday at 9am

  1. Karen 149 says:

    This should be held off until things settle down withe the virus for each h of your safety don’t you think?

  2. Thom Hoch says:

    1.) This is a small group and during the meeting portion of the morning we will practice social distancing keeping everyone well apart from one another.
    2) The rest of the morning is outside working alone or in small well-separated groups.
    3) If anyone is uncomfortable with these arrangements, they should not attend.
    4) We’re trying to strike a balance driven by common sense.

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