Backpack King Presentation

As requested by the Emergency Preparedness Committee and to share with our out-of-park members, Daniel Kresky, owner of Backpack King, visited the SKP Park with a wealth of knowledge and equipment. He showed items for a “Bug Out Bag” or “Go Bag” including food packets that may be heated with a shake-up packet like the hand and toe warmers, water in foil packets, ½ pint jar made into an alcohol burner which will flame, backpacks weighing less that 5 ounces and a nickle size envelope that when opened, soaked in water will grow into a 12X12” towel that can be used for cleaning, as a water filter or TOILET PAPER. There is a small battery operated piece, when shined into water, will kill both bacteria and viruses in water from unsafe sources. He suggests having a tarp that can be used to collect rain water. His backpack held so many items it would have taken four hours to describe. We kept him to one and a half hours. All items are available at his store on Central Ave.

Dan fielded several questions such as “Can medications be used after the expiration date”? The Pharmaceutical Companies will say NO however pills including antibiotics and opioids may loose some strength but may still work. Liquids have a short shelf life and should be discarded. Texts will reach others when phone calls may not and save battery life. Dan suggested we add one significant item each month to our inventory. He advises we reorder prescriptions as soon as possible to maintain an extended supply. Extra, for example, additional insulin may be provided by a pharmacy for emergency use however insurance probably will not pay for it. Medication bottles may be used to store and disguise cash including quarters for pay phones. Go and check out Daniel’s store for an eye opener.

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