Social Hour Program Friday January 10th 3 PM

The Emergency Preparedness Committee is trying its best to make all of us aware of the
possibility of a variety of disasters that would either cause us to leave the Park with a
moment’s notice or perhaps be able to stay in the park but with no outside resources.
There are a multitude of situations such as fire, gale winds or other weather related events,
earthquakes, a cyber attack or any other circumstance leading to the loss of power, water,
gas and/or propane. Everyone is encouraged to have a GO BAG ready with supplies to
survive at least a week or more.
The Backpack King, Daniel Kresky, will be bringing examples of supplies you will need
and are available in his store on Central beside Banner Bank.
Lets be prepared. Come and see what is available. Some things you may not have thought about such as toilet paper the size of a 50c piece.

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  1. Howard & Billie Treese Lot #136 says:

    Publish some of the ideas for those of us out of the park at this time. Thanks. Billie Treese

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