Social Hour Program Friday January 3 at 3 PM

2020 is on the way and you may be thinking about New Year Resolutions.
• Then the weather gets bad and you do not want to walk outside.
• Many attend the 10 AM low impact sessions in the Clubhouse except when the time
interferes with other activities.
• The same thing gets boring.
A representative from Anytime Fitness Gym will tell you about the various programs
near you AND your health insurance may pay all or half of a membership.
If you have never tried yoga to increase flexibility, build strength or improve balance
you can with Shanti or Cindi.
If you want to train with other seniors try Kacy’s classes.
Should you want to just use machines; weights and other available.
Upon joining, you will receive a key to enter the establishment anytime of the day or
night or even when you visit other Anytime Fitness places.
Come and learn about opportunities to keep your resolutions for more that a week!!!

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